Welcome to Squadron-V

A squadron in air force is a unit comprising a number of military aircraft and their aircrews.

About Us

We are for peace and friendship of all nations, and our goal is to unite all lovers of aviation. We are a team of engineers working in the field of aircraft engineering.
Our team is active in the creation and development of the P2E project and in embedding utilities into Metaverses.
Our IRL utilities will be implemented in several Metaverses that will host airlines, airports and terminals. With this implementation, all flights will become available via blockchain.
Flights will take place in Metaverses and in real life. Our payment and security controls will make it easier to travel the world.
The project Squadron-V is divided into several stages. The first stage is very fast. In the first phase we implement NFT, which will be needed for further travel. The next phases include a Staking, P2E game, a VR app for creators and developers and App for traveling.
We've put together some helpful guides for you to get setup with our product quickly and easily.
Teaser of the Squadron-V Project
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